Mini (S8) Rhythms, Sounds and Melodies. Creating Soundtracks for Silent Films. Workshop for children and youth


Next May 30 Eunice Martins with Rogelio Groba’s support will give a workshop at the MAC – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa. After that, children aged 12 to 16 will perform a live soundtrack for the screening of the silent movie Viaje a Júpiter by Segundo de Chomón. Open registration.

Date: May 30, 2015

Location: MAC Museum of Contemporary Art Gas Natural Fenosa

Workshop hours: 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Public presentation and screening: 7:30 p.m.

Students: children aged 12 to 16

Limited capacity: 20 students

Cost of tuition: 15 euros

Language: English

Experience: not required (although it is recommended to have had any contact with music or play an instrument)


The workshop is about participating in the joint composition of a soundtrack for a silent movie, a creative experience that will offer the opportunity to discover the different approaches to the relationship among image, sound and music.

Designing the sound of a movie, producing and composing a soundtrack, is an easy and difficult task at the same time. How can be the worlds and secrets of image turned into music and sounds reaching our ears?

During the three hours this workshop takes, we will investigate the sound characteristics of the instruments and their sound bodies and relate them to a silent movie. In this way we will create music streams and soundscapes for the movie, and we will practice with our instruments and finally we will play them in a live showing.


1. Brief introduction to the history of film overdubbing

2. Screening and analysis of the film Viaje a Júpiter by Segundo de Chomón, 1909

4. Choice of instruments and research on their sound features

5. Creation, development and testing of sound compositions for film footage

After the workshop, the students will play the soundtrack they will create for Viaje a Júpiter in an open public screening.

Eunice Martins   pianistin improvisation komposition

Eunice Martins (Berlin 1965) is a pianist, specialist musician in improvisation and composer. She studied at the University of Arts in Berlin and the Wiesbaden Music School. She has been a pianist at Kino Arsenal -Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin– since 2000. Martins is an international renowned professional in Asia, America and Europe. She is a sound designer for film and theater, and has created various sound installations. She also teaches at several universities in Germany and France, and has lectured on film and music/sound in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, among others. Her teaching include lectures, workshops and composition and sound projects for children and teenagers in Berlin and Brussels.

Rogelio Groba is a violinist and director of the Galician Chamber Orchestra who will participate as a support teacher. He studied at the Conservatory of Music of A Coruna, the Conservatory of Music of Oviedo, and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Groba has achieved great success worldwide and has been director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of A Coruña. Besides being director-concertmaster of the Galician Chamber Orchestra, he is a supporter of Rogelio Groba Groba Foundation and Senior Lecturer in Violin and Chamber Music at the Conservatory of Music of A Coruña.


All those children and teens interested in music and its film importance. Registration is open for music students as well as any child interested in music, film and sound. The workshop is taught in English. Those participants who play an instrument should bring it.


Until May 27 handling the application form filled with the cost of the tuition in cash in the reception desk of the MAC in their openin hours. At the time of registration it is required to know if the student plays an instrument, what it is and if it can be brought to the workshop.

All the information and applications here.

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