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AulaCREA: Master Class María Cañas


Endless cinema, cameraless cinema and audiovisual recycling among connected multitudes

In this party we invite the attendees to enjoy an audiovisual tour prepared by Cañas in which we will shake the images and suspect them. It will also be the moment to know more about processes of appropriationist audiovisual creation and to deal with infinite subjects related to new film narratives after Internet, life, death…
María Cañas proposes “laughstance”: the humor of all the colors, the game and the videoguerrilla of connected multitudes, as strategy of insurgency or, at least, of resistance and / or popular survival. A committed activation to the idea of culture as a collective construction of the organic archive and audiovisual detritus as cultural development tools, and with the need to educate in agitation and recycling of our imaginary, so that we would become freer, more critical and creative.
An activating game in which to laugh, to engineer and to get scared of this mondo cane, halfway among the audiovisual show, the cultural agitation, the commented projection and the pataphysical performance action.
An experimental meeting inspired by videoguerrilla, appropriationism, fake, “videomaquia”, and the postgeneric, dirt, martian and postmarian video remix hand in hand with (or tail in tail) La Archivera de Sevilla, María Cañas, and the connected participants.
María Cañas

Acknowledgments: CREA – Asociación de Directores e Realizadores de Galicia, María Cañas

Duration: 90 min. Afundación Sala de Prensa – 1/06. 12.30h.

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