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Luzarches. Impression of Time Compensation

Jacques Perconte works on the ideas of form and substance in the digital context, while at the same time he questions about the medium and the world without seeking the stridency, but he opts for a beautiful and harmonious aesthetics. His technique is to generate errors in the digital file (known as glitch art) that pixelate or change the colors of the works. Thanks to this, far from aiming at uneasiness with frenetic film editing and crazy film shots, he looks for a slow paced time and the plastic beauty of the image, with works that aim at Impressionism, Fauvism or the painterly abstraction.
In this exhibition, whose three pieces were made specifically for the Sala Municipal de Exposiciones Palexco of A Coruna, the viewer is confronted with a forest constantly being changed by light and color surrounding and flooding it in a visual atmosphere. According to Perconte: “Nature is no longer there. It persists and is represented, but is no longer there.”

Gonzalo Veloso, curator.

Agradecementos: Institut Français.

Bois de Luzarches nº3, nº4 and nº7
Francia, 2016
Loop of varying durations from endless generative parts.

Sala Municipal de Exposiciones PALEXCO
From May 31 to June 5
From 12 to 14 and from 18 to 21 h.