Cécile Fontaine


“Tourism in the Seychelles ‘islands, under-water shots of marine life, facts from educational slides, bleached Ektachrome films,16mm frames, super 8 strips, these are the images and material which led us from the seaport to the plate.We look at the sea world through the layers and juxtaposition of taped strips of emulsion from various sources.” This is how Cécile Fontaine describes La Pêche Miraculeuse, one of her most iconic movies, in which she explodes the visual potential of her patient work with great splendor. This installation shows the strips of the original film that Fontaine worked on: an opportunity to understand her processes of creation and manufacture, and to appreciate, frame by frame, the scope of her work, which turns a series of discards into a wonderful trip, discarded films by others and “gleaned” here and there with keen eyes.

Acknowledgements: Cécile Fontaine, Miguel Mariño.

La Pêche Miraculeuse
Cécile Fontaine, 1995, original film strips in light table, digital print in monitor.

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