Aldo Tambellini

Atlantic in Brooklyn

After the end of an era
In the early 1970s, the success of the Lower East Side began to decline. The impossibility of maintaining The Gate Theater and The Black Gate economically forced Tambellini to leave the neighborhood. His new studio was in Brooklyn, at the intersection between Flatsbush and Atlantic avenues. At present, in this place it is the collosal Barclays Center, work that concluded the process of gentrification of this neighborhood. But in 1971, the image you could see was very different.
In this time, Tambellini suffers a series of vision problems and thinks he will go blind. It is then that his work takes a new course leaving behind the camera-less cinema and works with cathode ray tubes. Now, the impulse to look passionately at his closest environment leads him to record from his window the choreography of a world that disappears.
Program and notes by Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado.

Acknowledgements: Aldo Tambellini, Anna Salamone, Helena Girón, Samuel Delgado, Beli Martínez.

Fundación Luis Seoane – From 30/05 to 14/06. From 11 to 15h and from 17 to 21h. Opening May 29 20h.

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