Luther Price


Even more recently, Price has begun to turn away from the reel of film, hand-crafting individual slides for projection, each one a tiny, unique object. He sandwiches bits of film between two pieces of glass, along with other items – dust, his own skin, surgical thread from operations, dead ants. Arranging them in specific order in slide carousels, he projects them as looped installations in galleries and museums, or shows them theatrically one slide at a time, like super-slow film strips. The phantom physicality of the 16 mm work and handmade slides could be seen as a return to Price’s original education as a sculptor, yet they retain numerous formal and thematic ties to his earlier Super 8 work. The slides, Price has remarked, “feel like film, but they also feel like paintings, and they also feel like sculpture. They fill a space in a different way. The slides have allowed me to rethink things, set myself into a new pattern of working, in a whole other format that is still projection, is still light.”
Ed Halter

Acknowledgements: Luther Price, Ed Halter

New Utopia
New Meat
2017, slide series.

Light Fractures
2013-2017, slide series.

Sala de Exposicións PALEXCO – From 1/06 ao 4/06. From 12 to 14h and from 16 to 21.30h.

Courtesy of the artist and Callicoon Fine Arts, New York
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