Xisela Franco

Interior, exterior, durante

The window of a house, a Galician coast landscape, the course of life. Those are the elements of the first visible layer of the film-installation by Xisela Franco, in which she documents an entire day in eight hours through those views. The second layer comes from the audible: in the course of the visible day, the first years of cognitive development of Xisela Franco’s daughter, since birth, rise through the sound. The intimacy of the filmmaker, her home, shroud the outer space: the external duration is matched with the internal and personal one. Early in the morning, when the sun rises in the window, the child makes pre-language sounds, cries. Throughout the day she evolves towards the articulation of her first words to culminate in the almost complete acquisition of language in the twilight. A work that is not only a reflection on the ideas of interior and exterior, duration and passage of time, but also about motherhood and its relationship with creative processes. In the cusp of Franco’s immersive installation, we will also be able to see, as support and extension of this idea, her self-portrait Vía Láctea (2013), in which her own nude body breastfeeding her daughter serves as a projection screen for a 16mm film painted by herself.

Acknowledgements: Xisela Franco.

Interior, exterior, durante
Xisela Franco, 2016, video installation, 8 hours.

Vía Láctea
Xisela Franco, 2013, video, 4 min.

Fundación Luis Seoane – From 30/05 to 14/06. From 11 to 15h and from 17 a 21h. Opening May 29 20h.

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