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Experimental Cinema Distributors Panel

Every year in (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico we organize a professional meeting, eager to exchange experiences and to share knowledge around the different aspects of the sector of avant garde and experimental filmmaking. This year, we decided to devote our professional meeting to examine experimental cinema distribution, summoning some of the most important distribution organizations/cooperatives in the world. In this panel, we will get to know the history and working methods of these organizations, and to learn about the main concerns and challenges in a task that is vital for spreading and give life to experimental cinema: to build a solid catalog and to make available all that is worth to be seen. The panel will include a sample screening of the catalog of each one of the organizations.

Participants: Emmanuel Lefrant (Light Cone – París), Brigitta Burger-Utzer (Sixpackfilm – Viena), Angelika Ramlow (Arsenal – Berlin), Lauren Howes (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center – Toronto) and Alice Lea (LUX – London).

Acknowledgements: Acción Cultural Española AC/E, Institut Français, Emmanuel Lefrant, Brigitta Burger-Utzer, Angelika Ramlow, Lauren Howes, Alice Lea, María Palacios, María Morata.

Duration: 120 min. Sala (S8) PALEXCO – 4/06. 12h. 

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