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Aldo Tambellini


Electromedia performance

On the upper floor of The Gate Theater, Aldo Tambellini created, together with Otto Piene, an open space for multimedia experimentation called The Black Gate. There some artists such as Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, the USCO Group, David Behrman, Takehisha Kosugi, Hans Haacke, Yajoi Kusama and Joe Jones among many others made performance.
Music, dance, cinema and lumagramas (slides that Tambellini devastated or painted creating hypnotic circumferences in the dark) were mixed in their Electromedia Performances. In these interventions he transformed space so that the difference between art and life would be eclipsed by a brutal collective experience.
Moondial was first performed in 1966. Tambellini, who had been an admirer and later friend of the dancer Beverly Schmidt, proposed to him to participate with the drummer Lawrence Cook in this electromedia performance in which light and darkness invoked to the universe.
Program and notes by Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado.

Acknowledgements: Aldo Tambellini, Anna Salamone, Helena Girón, Samuel Delgado, Beli Martínez.

Duration: 30 minutos. Fundación Luis Seoane – 3/06. 23.15h.

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