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Albert Alcoz and Blanca Viñas


The Desbordamientos section opens this year with this live film proposal jointly developed by the photographer Blanca Viñas and the filmmaker Albert Alcoz. La noche inventada combines photographs and films in an artistic experimentation that sets up a dialogue among optical treatments, color filters, photochemical processes, plastic interventions, sounds and multiple projections. Capturing open-air locations, documenting creative processes and painting on celluloid are the starting points of a set of pieces that reflect on the nature of the static image and the moving image. To do this, they interrelate aesthetic considerations related to the dichotomies abstraction / figuration, silence / noise, color / white and black, positive / negative. The core of the showing is formed by projections of photographs, super 8 filming, pictorial slides and 16mm cameraless films.

Acknowledgements: Albert Alcoz, Blanca Viñas.

Duration: 45 min. Fundación Luis Seoane – 1/06. 23h.

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