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Film performance with 16mm projectors, dollies, live sound and other materials, 2017, 25 min.

Since 2000, the group Nominoë has focused their artistic practice on expanded cinema and film performance, with special attention to analogic film. Nicolas Berthelot, Emmanuel Lefrant and Stéphane Courcy di Rosa are the hard core of Nominoë, “group of variable geometry”, as they describe themselves. Combining sound, image and experience, Nominoë creates unique events that break the familiar dimensions of cinema. Parallax, their most recent work (with the Greek musician Michalis Moschoutis), focuses on the notion of space in cinema. The projectors move around the room with dollies, also evoking the shooting space. The flatness becomes three-dimensionality through the game with the screens, the space and the projected image -geometric objects of color drawn in perspective. The beam of light is diverted, reflected and passed through lenses, suspended by various devices to build a sculptural space, a cubist field of vision in which the movements of the projectors allow the viewer to simultaneously perceive different angles. Angles of vision, but also of hearing: the amplified sound of what happens in the room is also the object and actor of this immersive experience into which Parallax will drive us.

Acknowledgements: Emmanuel Lefrant, Nicolas Berthelot, Michalis Moschoutis, Institut Français

Duration: 25 minutos. Fundación Luis Seoane – 3/06. 22.30h.

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