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Sally Golding

Since 2004, the Australian Sally Golding has been exhibiting her intense work -around the limits of perception and hallucinations- on a basis between trance and terror in the overwhelming physical and psychological experiences she starts. The optical sound of 16mm projectors is one of the pillars of her performance work, of which we will see two samples. On the one hand, Ghost – Loud + Strong, which starts from a flexi-disc with a recording on past life regressions. Through the combination of other sound elements with the recording, transferred to 16mm, with the blinking image resulting from this work, and with other visual devices activated live, Golding leads the viewer to see visions infected by the ghostly subtext of recordings. In Light Begets Sound, one of her last works, light gives birth to sound as its own title indicates. The beam of light of the film-free 16mm projector, camera flashes, LED lights, light-sensitive audio devices, bespoke software, a special shutter and a laboratory strobe light are part of the optical and auditory repertoire with which Sally Golding will take us beyond the gates of perception.

Ghost – Loud + Strong
Sally Golding, 2012, 2 16mm projectors, 16mm loop, rotary shutter, laboratory strobe, oscillator, 15 min approx.

Light Begets Sound
Sally Golding, 2016, 2 16mm projectors, motorized color shutters, camera flashes, sound devices, mixer, light-sensitive audio device Lerango Drone of Phantom Chips, audio and light control software of Spatial, 25 min approx.

Acknowledgements: Sally Golding, AC/E Acción Cultural Española

Duration: 40 min. Fundación Luis Seoane – 2/06. 23h.

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