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It seems that for Helga Fanderl to film and to live are the same thing. The cuts would then be made according to the rhythm of the heartbeat, each movement of the camera flows with the breath, and each black would be a blink. With an absolute mastery of the super 8 camera, and an almost supernatural rapport with it, Helga Fanderl has achieved a corpus of films as delicate as powerful and exciting. Animals, reflections in the water, plants and trees, small details caught on the fly on the street, friends, daily activities: simple motives that gain a beauty and an ineffable aura, fruit of close observation and communion with what surrounds her. Spontaneous films produced by an already instinctive knowledge, edited in camera, arranged in bouquets as sessions that the same filmmaker composes. A second montage that draws rhythms and resonances in each session, and which make each projection a unique event. Born in Germany, Fanderl found cinema as a way of expression in 1986. Since then, she has filmed about a thousand short movies. Here is a sample of her work in a program that she herself has titled “Resonances”, that contains films made between 1991 and 2016. The title of each film speaks for itself, in terms of description of its content.

Acknowledgements: Helga Fanderl.

Program 1
Super 8

Brunnen Fountain
Mädchen Girls
Binsen Bulrushes
Heftige Quellen Violent Sources

Teetrinken Tea Time
Roter Vorhang Red Curtain

Karussell Carousel
Wasserpflanzen Water Plants
Pfosten im Fluss Piles in a River
Blätter auf dem Glasdach Leaves on a Glass Roof
Nach dem Feuer II After the Fire II

Flugzeuge I Airplanes I
Wasserfall Waterfall
Apfelernte Apple Harvest

Mona Lisa
Fontaine Médicis
Voliere Aviary
Passanten Passers-by
Feuerwerk Fireworks

Duration: 60 min. CGAI – 1/06. 20.30h.

Program 2

(Dedicated to Jean-Marie Lambert who made the beautiful blow-ups)

Laub Leaves
Rost Rust
Gläser Glasses
Gelbe Blätter Yellow Leaves
Strom Stream

Vögel am Checkpoint Charlie Birds at Checkpoint Charlie
Ostberlin East Berlin
Aus dem Empire State Building From the Empire State Building
Wilde Wasser Wild Waters
Eisbär Polar Bear

Für M. For M.
Wassertanz II Water Dance II
Schlittschuhlaufen Skating

Abendglitzern Evening Twinkling
Nachmittagslicht Afternoon Light
Kakibaum III Persimmon Tree III
Große Wasser Big Waters

Duration: 50 min. Sala (S8) PALEXCO – 2/06. 19.30h.

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