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Diana Toucedo

Let’s start with black. Black is the surface from where the images are born, where we begin to relate them, where their meanings are activated, where we can create a new life… Black is our canvas on which we speculate, doubt, dream, sometimes we are afraid, sometimes we even love. For those of us who work in a digital editing room black becomes our starting point, there is no longer a moviola that sends out light, there is no longer a white surface. And everything is possible in that black. We create by isolating ourselves from the world as we open a new one, the unique and everlasting universe of moving images. But there is something drastic and decisive that turns that black into pure light, sometimes magically, but not always. The light deprives of black, fills the holes, dyes, colors and even makes the images beat back. That beat is only possible from the gestural capacity of the creator who causes a birth, the birth of film emotion. Without it there is no film experience, which we lack, otherwise we return to black again. Here we are, but everything is possible. And if now, do we illuminate our interior?
Diana Toucedo

The work of Diana Toucedo, a filmmaker and editor, reflects on the film image, on the one hand with works of appropriation, and on the other hand by means of nonfiction and ethnography, in an attempt to rethink personal history and Earth’s history. In this occasion we will see some of her finished works and works in progress, and also we will have time to know her creative processes.

Ser de luz
2009, video, 6 min.

Ser de luz is born from editing work. A work of analysis on the archival images of Gustav Deutsch and the last film by Segundo de Chomón El negro que tenía el alma blanca, combined with the color of Stan Brakhage. Images of movement and time selected to investigate our fears, the plurality of our bodies and the most committed weakness, our light. (Diana Toucedo)

Corpo preto
2016, video, 8 min.

From the film Límite, by the Brazilian avant-garde director Mario Peixoto, the female body is explored before her own fears and anxieties in a re-edition work. A body that wants to be close to light but also to darkness, a film body that becomes materialized as a medium. (D.T.)

2016, video, 10 min.

The acts of men when living shape our history. But… at what point in our life do we lose our own? Many women who now wait -inside their homes, their kitchens- for the man who left, the son, the father… keep an open wound that has never been closed. Suspended in time, they beat restlessly waiting. Death or themselves. (D.T.)

Trinta lumes
2017, video, fragment 6 min.

A bidirectional journey to a world that disappears slowly and another that emerges daringly through the mysterious disappearance of a young woman, Alba, in O Courel. A mountainous and isolated area in the heart of Galicia where the past is present, and the future seems not to want to come. Like others, Alba, seems to feel a call, a hidden force that wants to be visible to transform their realities. A strength of her own but also of all the lost spirits who inhabit these wounded and traumatically uninhabited lands. (D.T.)

Imaxes secretas
2013, video, 18 min.

My father is a boat captain. He has spent all his life out of home, fishing and sailing the world’s most important fishing grounds. For me, my father is always the one who shares a couple of months a year with us, but when he leaves, I know nothing about his life. In Imaxes secretas, and for the first time, I travel to Arxentina to discover the way of life of a captain and father, who have always been absent. (D.T.)

Puerto deseado
Work in progress, video, fragment 12 min.

The experienced captain of a fishing boat and his crew of thirty men resist their ninth month embarked in the icy waters of the Argentine South Atlantic. For the captain this will be his last adventure, the one that truly confronts his past of forty years at sea with his next future: finally life on land with his family. But in this last trip his daughter, the director, will embark to try to find the captain who has always been an absent father. (D.T.)

Duration: 80 min. Sala (S8) PALEXCO – 3/06. 19h. 

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