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Sinais en Curto

Rapa das Bestas
Jaione Camborda, 2017, super 8 to video, 10 min.

Experimental non fiction that portrays the tradition and the spectacle of an ancestral Galician fiesta: the rapa das bestas, in which man and animal size each other up hand to hand, in the annual ritual of the horsehair cut. A film shot in super 8 in black and white, in close proximity and on the surface.

El paisaje está vacío y el vacío es paisaje
Carla Andrade, 2017, video, 18 min.

With a title that refers to the Korean poet Dalchin Kim, the filmmaker and photographer Carla Andrade shows this film, in her own words a “study of nothingness when we see it in the cosmic scheme of things. Emptiness becomes a physical object dimension, the zero as a formal expression. Emptiness is not an absence but a production of meaning. Emptiness as the quality of emptiness that defies being filled. Touring the empty spaces of the Atacama desert, which become almost sacred spaces, we activate the gap, understanding the landscape as a sculpture”.

Fuerzas Invisibles
Marcos Flórez, 2017, super 8 to video, 4 min.

A film that revolves around the landscape, in constant movement, in a vision influenced by personal and emotional experiences. Through a formal impressionistic exploration of color, and working with editing and soundtrack, Flórez regains his own super 8 filming of a trip to Almeria to make emerge those invisible forces to which the title alludes.

Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego
Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado, 2016, 16mm to video, 14 min.

After Sin Dios ni Santa María, Girón and Delgado return to the telluric forces of the land of Tenerife, directly to their volcanic tunnels. Textures of forgotten times, mysterious forces, darkness and obscurantism, in a film invoking an indomitable lineage, at the very heart of resistance, a fire that burns through the subterranean currents of the earth.

Bomb Movie
Xurxo Chirro, 2017, video, 4 min.

Xurxo Chirro (Vikingland) launches this film-bomb, a work of found footage. An incisive and urgent look at a recent event: the bomb launched by the US military over Afghanistan in 2017.

O ollo cobizoso
Lara and Noa Castro, 2017, 16mm to video, 8 min.

Before the age of twenty, the twins Lara and Noa Castro have given a sensitive and sharp look to their environment of which they speak like this: “O ollo cobizoso is an experimental proposal that at first was meant to be a fanciful look at the aesthetic potential of what is natural and daily but it ended up becoming a visual and auditory reflection on landscape, urbanization, tranquility and other aspects of life that we try to reverse and reinterpret, deforming what we see to show other things or maybe the same, but that appear changed in an uncomfortable and even overwhelming way, with the ambitious plan of making some eye fume”.

Tono Mejuto 2017, video, 12 min.

This “brief account of the process of research and choreographic creation by Javier Martín for his work la exforma, presented in 2016″, draws a beautiful study on the body and movement filmed in 16mm in black and white. This mingling of anatomical structures, the chiasm, is almost like an update of Pas de Deux by McLaren. A piece that explores the work and mastery of the body according to the very personal rules of the dancer and choreographer, with music by Oleg Karavaichuk (the Oleg of the film by Andrés Duque, with whom Martin collaborated when living).

Duration: 69 min. CGAI – 31/05. 18h. (Repetición: Sala (S8) PALEXCO – 4/06. 20h.)

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